Samsung NZ64K5747BK Ingebouwd Keramisch Zwart kookplaat

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Suits all sizes and shapes of cookware
Flex Zone is a large, open area that’s divided into 2 zones for greater flexibility. It can accommodate different sizes of cookware to maximize efficiency, energy savings and enjoyment when cooking large meals.

Cooked food stays warm & ready to serve
The Keep Warm setting can maintain dishes at the perfect temperature, just like newly cooked food. The second level of the sliding control bar for each cooking zone generates the ideal heat setting for simmering.

Instant low power with just one touch
The Pause function is a one-touch control for greater convenience and kitchen safety. Simply touch it to switch all cooking zones to the lowest power setting. Touch it again to return to your original power levels.

Instantly high heat with a simple press
The Quick Start option reduces the steps and time it takes to start cooking by delivering an instant high heat. When selected, the cooking zone immediately begins heating food at a high temperature level of '15'.

Intuitive and easy temperature control
The extra wide and intuitive Sliding Control LED display panel enables fast and precise control of your cooking temperatures. Simply touch and glide your finger across it to instantly set or adjust the heat levels.

Simply safer to protect children
The Child Safety Lock prevents children from activating the cooktop. With a touch of a button, the control panel is completely locked, so it’s impossible to turn on the cooktop – minimizing the risk of getting burnt.

Automatically safer to prevent accidents
A Safety Shutoff provides complete peace of mind. It automatically turns off any cooking zones if things have been left cooking on them for a long time or there’s no change in the operation after a certain period.

Safe and efficient residual heat use
A 2 Stage Residual Heat Indicator lets you safely and efficiently use any residual heat. It clearly shows an 'h' if a cooking zone is hotter than 55°C or an 'H' if goes above 70°C, but turns off when safe to touch.

Gewicht en omvang 
Breedte600 mm
Diepte56 mm
Hoogte520 mm
Gewicht11,7 kg
Installatie compartiment breedte56 cm
Installatie compartiment diepte (min)49 cm
Breedte verpakking712 mm
Diepte verpakking142 mm
Hoogte verpakking594 mm
Gewicht verpakking14,1 kg
Aangesloten lading (elektrisch)7200 W
Soort bedieningTouch
Type timerDigitaal
Controle positieBoven voorzijde
Makkelijk schoon te makenJa
Type kookplaatKeramisch
Soort materiaal (bovenkant)Keramisch
Aantal branders/kookzones4
Aantal elektronische kook zones4
Kleur van het productZwart
Ingebouwd displayJa
Materiaal pannensteunGlas
Sudder brander/kookzone1400 W
Vorm sudderpit/kookzoneRond
Sudderbrander/kookzone diameter14,5 cm
Normale brander/kookzone2200 W
Vorm gewone pit/kookzoneRond
Reguliere brander/kookzone diameter21 cm
Grote brander/kookzone3300 W
Vorm grote pit/kookzoneRechthoekig
Afmeting (B x D) grote pit/kookzone200 x 380 mm
Beeldscherm typeLED
Aantal vermogenniveau's15
Warmhoud functieJa